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PTSD treatment available for officers involved in shootings


There's a group in South Carolina that helps officers recover from post traumatic stress situations. We're learning that the Richland County deputies involved in Tuesday's shootout will likely receive counseling from the group.

The group is called the South Carolina Law Enforcement Assistance Program. Program Manager Eric Skidmore says the group has been contacted by the Richland County Sheriff's Department to help senior deputy Sheila Aull and her team.

He says members of SCLEAP try to alleviate those common symptoms of guilt and anxiety through counseling. In fact, he says many of the counselors have overcome a traumatic event themselves.

"We have one-on-one crisis intervention and group support that we provide after a critical incident," said Skidmore.

Skidmore says once counselors meet with deputy Aull and each officer involved, they'll make additional resources available if needed.

"We'll give everyone a chance to talk about their role in the incident, what did they see, and then normal reactions," said Skidmore.

The group is funded by four state law enforcement agencies. Skidmore says they will start their session with Aull and her team once they are cleared through SLED.

SCLEAP also provides services for the families of officers.

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