Buy It & Try It: Spray-on stockings

(Columbia) Aug. 4, 2004 - WIS Troubleshooter Judi Gatson met some ladies at the Shandon Day Spa on Rosewood Drive to see whether they prefer Air Stocking over old fashioned pantyhose.

Erica Love-McNair was ready for the challenge, "I don't like wearing pantyhose period, because they run, but I don't think this is going to work." Co-workers Lanaysha Jackson and Tina Morley also put their legs on the line.

Tina first tried the natural shade. The spray on stocking claims it feels silky smooth, "Oh my God, am I putting on too much?" She did. An even bigger problem was that it didn't match her skin tone at all.

We nixed the neutral and tried terra cotta on her other leg and sprayed just a little at a time. It was a better match and it definitely looked more natural than her other leg.

Laynasha tried the bronze, which is the only shade available for women of color. After rubbing it in, she's says that is not cute, "I think it's making me ashy."

Maybe it would work better for Erica, but it didn't, "I don't like the color."

The Air Stocking hit some major snags in our test. Erica wasn't impressed, "I'll stick to knee highs." Tina had a similar sentiment, "If I had to get up every morning and spray and make sure it was even, I think I would lose my mind." Laynasha also says it's not an improvement, "My $3 or $4 pantyhose, I'll stick with that. At least I can lotion under it and be moisturized."

by Judi Gatson
posted 6:00pm by Chris Rees