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Local dentists offer service without a bite to the wallet


Few people spend their Fridays in a cramped dentist's office, but things are different at Vista Smiles in Columbia.

"We generally work by appointment only, don't have lines out the door," said dentist Dr. Greg Wych. "I got here at 5:30.  There were probably 40 people that early."

The folks were lining up to get fillings, cleanings, and extractions. Trena Thompson was one of them. She lost a filling a few weeks back and stood out in the cold to have it fixed. No worries, she says.

"I believe its worth it," said Thompson.

The reason for the wait in the cold is the price. Dr. Wych and his staff called in dental aficionados from all around to offer a free days of dental care. They will see everyone who comes as they have in years past.

"We work 8 to 8," said one dentist from New Jersey. "We'll work here 'til we're finished obviously, but it's been exciting. I enjoy this kind of stuff."

"It's really a lot more fun," said another dentist. "We're having fun with patients. It's a little more aerobic than my normal day, you know. But it's a little more fun, too."

Wych says on this day, taking teeth is a way of giving back and a day to celebrate dentistry without the bite to the wallet.

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