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Small businesses feel the pinch of higher gas prices

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They've been climbing every day for the past month, and while gas prices might have you counting your pennies, small businesses face an even greater challenge.

At 256-to-go, they'll deliver everything from sushi to string beans. About 35 drivers cover a huge part of the Midlands and gas is on them.

"When gas prices fluctuate and escalate to a higher level, it makes it harder for those trips to seem worth it," said marketing director Dan Scott.

Scott was once a driver himself. He knows how hard it can be to swallow sky high prices. They actually raised their delivery rates the last time prices spiked. They hope they won't have to do it again.

"We don't want to have to raise them again," said Scott. "We'd hate to have to do that, but ultimately it comes down to the drivers feel they need for their miles, to be able to make the trips." 

Mike Horger runs Columbia's Party Cab. He offers a host of discounts like a price break on long trips out of town but says those might disappear soon.

"We started in 2006, and it was six to eight thousand dollars a vehicle per year in gas," said Horger. "This year, it was sixteen to eighteen thousand per vehicle. It's a huge increase."

AAA expects prices to continue to rise, offering no relief to struggling business owners.

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