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If you think your son, daughter or a loved one may be involved in human trafficking, below are warning signs you should look for.

  • Your son, daughter, or friend is receiving expensive gifts within a short time of dating their "boyfriend" or "girlfriend"
  • The "boyfriend" or "girlfriend" is much older
  • Isolation. If your son, daughter, or friend is hanging out with someone and they only hang out with that person and abandon friends and family
  • Random tattoos such as barcodes that their "boyfriend" or "girlfriend" made your daughter, son, or friend get. This is called "branding. Tattoos prove ownership and the barcodes are sometimes the pimp's prison numbers
  • Severe withdrawal from school
  • Severe overcompensation or over achievement in school or activities

 Susan and Jillian recommended the below websites for help and information.

Click the attached video to learn more about the warning signs

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