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Ft. Jackson could battle new type of enemy soon: budget cuts


Army personnel need to be ready for anything, but the severe budget cuts scheduled to kick in if political leaders can't reach a compromise soon are a different kind of enemy.

Brig. Gen. Bryan Roberts says the cuts will not affect the Ft. Jackson's task of training as many as 50,000 soldiers or renovation and construction projects already underway.

However, Roberts says there might be delays in upcoming projects. One estimate says nearly $19 million worth of military facility maintenance and upgrade work could be affected statewide.

The reductions could also lead to furloughs, resulting in a big economic drag on communities around installations.

The Greater Columbia Chamber of Commerce's Ike McLeese will make that point to legislative delegation members next week in Washington DC.

McLeese says his basic message to members of Congress will be to stop with the gamesmanship, talk to those on the other side of the aisle, and for once try to be concerned about the country instead of your political philosophy.

If that doesn't happen, McLeese says we will be heading back to another recession.

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