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Businessman shares love of technology with kids

Ricky West works with student in Tiny Techz program Ricky West works with student in Tiny Techz program

Ricky West is a young entrepreneur who visits private and public schools around the state.

He said a federal grant allows him into classrooms to  teach students advanced technology skills.   We found him at Center for Learning in Columbia.

West's business is called Tiny Techz.

"Passion driven program for students who don't typically have the resources to be more tech savvy," he explained. "All this came from a passion to break that barrier of the digital divide."

It's a passion he said first started at age 10, playing with computers, but not really tapping into their potential, or his own, until college.
Now 28, he's giving back

"You can be a web developer, web master or application engineer," he told the kids, getting the next generation prepared for growing tech careers.

"It's the Internet," he explained. "You can expand your knowledge to go to the greatest depths of the world from your own computer in front of you."

It's working. 10-year-old Christina Atkinson said West inspired her to become a web designer.

"When he came he taught me how to make my own web site, how to make my own stories and now I'm getting better at it," she said.

"To see third and fourth graders say, 'Wow, this is what technology is about,' it just proves my purpose," said West.

He's using his purpose to help them find theirs. West said his other passion is helping adults learn advanced computer skills.

"I want them to follow their dreams," he said. "Technology is infused in everything."

Click here for more information about Tiny Techz

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