Couple happy to be back home after ordeal on crippled cruise shi - - Columbia, South Carolina

Couple happy to be back home after ordeal on crippled cruise ship

Couple reunited with kids after nightmare cruise Couple reunited with kids after nightmare cruise

"It wasn't what I saw on Love Boat growing up, so, a little different from that."

What started off as a 40th birthday celebration for Trey Love quickly turned into a nightmare for him and the thousands of passengers aboard Carnival's Triumph.

"It was pretty bad," said Love. "We were down on the first level where the fire was. We were up in the front so we could smell all that. And when the sewage stopped working it got pretty rough down there, pretty hot. Smells and sights I don't want to see for awhile."

Love took pictures of tent city, as it was called. Sheets were hung and people slept side by side on the upper deck of the disabled ship to get some fresh air and avoid the stench, wet floors and leaks down below.

When the toilets stopped working they had to resort to less sanitary measures.

"We were talking to a doctor on board who was a doctor of infectious diseases and he said, 'Yeah, another day or so and we're in trouble,'" said Kendall Love. "So it was very unsanitary but you just kinda' stayed where the fresh air was and hoped you weren't getting sick."

There were times when the Loves and the thousands of others on board had no idea when or how they would make it home.

"I sent a text, 'Instead of being back on Monday, probably Tuesday'" said Kendall. "Then there was no cell signal for a few days. 'Are we going back to Mexico? Will they send a tug boat?' It took a while to feel like we were headed home."

The Loves finally made it home Friday afternoon.  It could have been worse. That's how the Loves look at things.

"That was the main thing, just worrying about everyone at home." said Trey. "We were fine. We had a good couple of friends from Texas so we were in good spirits. We're both pretty laid back and so generally don't get worked up about a whole lot so we made the best of it."

They tried to stay positive and worried most about their family back home.

"We were just scared that they might be out there for 10 more days," said their 5-year-old son, Ryan.

"We had a lot of things going on at school that were really important to us and they had to miss all that so it was hard for them to not be there," said 9-year-old Macie Love.

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