Research shows ‘no doubt' Kim Murphy's home is in Lexington Coun - - Columbia, South Carolina

Research shows ‘no doubt' Kim Murphy's home is in Lexington County


Budget and Control Board officials have no doubt Lexington-Richland Five board member Kim Murphy's home is in Lexington County. The only line that shows Murphy in Richland County is that municipality.

"This is really not a very difficult call," said Sid Miller, state and county boundary coordinator for the S.C. Budget and Control Board. "… This house is 500 feet from the line."

A public hearing was held Friday at the Lexington-Richland Five District Office with attorneys John Reagle, Ken Childs and Keith Powell representing the school board to hear testimony of whether Murphy's home is in Richland County. Also, the hearing will allow the school board to legally determine whether it has authority to dismiss Murphy from the board if it is determined she does not represent Richland County.

Murphy and her attorney Todd Kincannon chose not to participate in the morning hearing, even though they were present at the district office prior to the start of the hearing.

"(Kincannon) did come today, and he objected to these proceedings, saying it violated the Voting Rights Act," Childs said. "I told him he could make those objections to the school board after the school board rules on those objections, he can raise them in the South Carolina Circuit Court and up through the court system."

The Budget and Control Board's research and statistics department used information from the Code of Laws for the state, the Lexington County GIS Boundary, Richland County GIS Boundary, the U.S. Census and the U.S. Geological Survey county boundary map, as well as a GPS device that measures centimeters, to come to their conclusion of where Murphy's home sits. Out of this information, Division of Research and Statistics Director Bobby Bowers said the only one that points to Murphy in Richland County is its boundary information.

Bowers read from the voter registration certificate for Murphy, signed by Lillian McBride, and he said that the only voting district correct on that card was the school district and the congressional district.

"She should be listed in the Chapin precinct," Bowers said.

Retired Circuit Court Judge G. Thomas Cooper's schedule does not allow him to revisit and examine all the materials presented Friday until the week of March 11. Once Cooper's recommendation is complete, it will be presented to Lexington-Richland Five school board members and a decision will be made on Murphy's property line dilemma.

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