WIS GM: "Let's stop the madness. Deny bond to repeat offenders"

If you're like me, you are alarmed at the number of violent crimes in the Midlands. Shootouts at a local bank, multiple armed robberies  and home invasions. When asked about this seemingly alarming trend, Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott dispelled a myth.

There aren't more bad guys out there….just a small group getting caught over and over again.  Lott says about 5% of criminals are committing 95% of the crime.  These crooks get caught, get out on bond and then go right back to selling drugs, breaking into houses, robbing businesses and much worse. According to Lott, it's a perfect storm….too few judges, overcrowded jails and easy posting of bond.

His solution, and one that I could support, is a bill in the State House that would deny bond if a criminal is arrested a second time after being released on bond.  As he puts it, "we arrest the same person over and over…when's it gonna stop?" 

These repeat criminals are a drain on our court system and law enforcement resources, and represent a dangerous cycle of violent and unlawful activity that preys on and threatens our community.  Let's stop the madness . Deny bond to repeat offenders.

That's my perspective.

Donita Todd
WIS General Manager