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Brothers gain honor of serving on same Naval ship

David and Topher Chapelle David and Topher Chapelle

Dreams do come true for brothers Topher and David Chapelle. The brothers, with a love for Navy jets, are serving on the same military ship together. 

To say that their parents, Adrienne and Frank Chapelle, are pleased would be an understatement.

"It just makes me so proud of them," said Adrienne. "They are out there serving their country and living their dream."

It's a dream that started for Lt. Topher and his younger brother, LTJG David, before they were 10.

"Their bedroom was like the Wright Brothers' lab," joked Adrienne. "Airplane stuff all over the place."

Their interest grew as they did. Topher and David, who are two years apart, went off to different colleges on Navy scholarships, studied aerospace engineering, and then pursued careers with the Navy.

The Chapelles say the brothers' pursuits kept them apart for two years until now.

Back in December, while David was completing carrier training to fly jets, Topher was deployed and flying with carrier air wing 9 for the USS Stennis.

David qualified -- top of his class, his parents say -- and was ordered to serve on the ship with the most critical need: the USS Stennis.

"It just happened," said Adrienne. "I guess they were at the right place at the right time."

"The fact that they were able to go through this process that the Navy has for selecting aviators and both of them succeed is remarkable," said Frank. "It really says a lot about their dedication to do what they're doing."

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