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Victim in big rig hit and run remains in intensive care

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Orangeburg resident Barbara Jennings remains behind the doors of the ICU, and needs your help to find the person who put her there.

"She remembers the truck coming towards her car, and she just said she closed her eyes and started praying," said Damayra Fletcher, Jennings' sister.

Jennings' 1999 Honda was nearly split in two by a tree on the eastbound lane of Interstate 26 near the Interstate 95 interchange. Her seat belt saved her life.

"I'm lucky, actually surprised, she's alive," said Fletcher.

Barbara's broken arm, ribs, and back, along with internal injuries were so serious, she was in a medically induced coma for 11 days.

"She shouldn't have to go through the pain and suffering that she's going through because of somebody else's negligence," said Fletcher.

Circular marks on the rear of the car show where the 18 wheeler's tires dug into the car, causing it to spin across both lanes and striking the tree. The big rig driver pulled over, but didn't stay. Highway cameras have been no help. Private investigators have resorted to checking cell tower records for who called 911. So, Barbara's turning to the public.

"She's begging and pleading if anybody sees or knows anything or has seen anything please come forward and call the state troopers," said Fletcher, who is acting as Jennings' spokesperson.

It could have been any one of us in Barbara's place.

"I'm quite sure nobody would want that to happen to their loved one, or go through what we're going through, so or if that person has a sister or a brother or a younger sister or a brother, I'm quite sure they would feel the same pain that I'm feeling," said Fletcher.

It's tough for Jennings', an ER medical technician, to be on the other side of the bed. She has no vacation, so coworkers at Roper Hospital have donated sick days helping in her recovery.

If you have information on this crash, please call Steven Futerall of Futerall & Nelson LLC Law Firm 843-284-5500 or The South Carolina Highway Patrol at 803-531-6855.

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