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Quilt of memories brings comfort to mourning mother


Twenty-nine years isn't enough time to forget Jimmy Jumper's death.

"He was 20," said Jimmy's mother, Margie Taylor. "It was 1:30 in the morning. He was the first fatality of 1984. It's something you never, ever forget. The pain isn't as sharp of course, because I've worked through it, but it won't ever leave."

Margie held on to her late son Jimmy's clothes for years, hoping a friend could eventually sew them into a quilt. But as the years passed, it never came to be.

At this point, Margie thought the quilt would never get done. It wasn't until a Mother's Day trip to Chapel Hill to visit her daughter when she got a very big surprise."

"She went in the other room and brought this bag out," said Margie. "She started pulling out something blue and I said, 'Oh it's the quilt!'" 

Margie's daughter had a neighbor, Bobi Crump, who happened to be a quilter.

"She told me as she was working on it, she knew he was there," said Margie. "It just touched me. It makes me cry when I think about it."

Crump spent months putting it together, taking time to stitch in details on the back. Jimmy was an outdoorsman, so look close and you'll see a tent, a bike, and go cart. There's a holly bush too for Holly, the name of Jimmy's sweetheart.

"It's something of Jimmy's that he wore, and it's something my grandchildren will have. It's priceless," said Margie.

While no amount of shirts or stitching will bring her son back, Margie does have some small measure of comfort and more than a memory to keep her warm.

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