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South Carolina company contributing to Oscar swag

Southern Baked Candle Company candles included in Oscar gift bags Southern Baked Candle Company candles included in Oscar gift bags

About 2,400 miles east of Hollywood, you'll find the Southern Baked Candle Company. Inside the Devine St. store, you'll find owner Debey Hancock.

"If you can come up with something, the more bizarre, the better,"  she laughed.

If you can come up with something she'll make, not bake, it.  Despite the look and the fragrance, her creations are all wax.

"All of our candles smell like what they look like," said Hancock. 

She opened the store a year and a half ago after 10 years of perfecting the art.  She's the only one who does it.  And she takes requests.

"I was asked to make pot-scented brownies," Hancock said. "I made a jar of pickles that smells like brownies."

Hancock got a call from a woman who puts together Oscar gift bags for Academy Award nominees.

"She said, 'I was looking for something new and unique and I came across your web site, fell in love with your stuff and I want to know if you'd be interested in placing your candle in our gift bag,'" said Hancock. 

They wanted wine glass candles, waffle candles and ones shaped like the famous golden statuette.

"My initial reaction is, 'What kind of scam is this?'" said Hancock. "It's like if someone calls and says the president is on the phone for you."

But the movie lover got the paperwork and quickly agreed.  She's making more than 70 of each for the winners and the losers.

"It's been kind of fun thinking, 'Hey, it's possible Denzel's going to have one of my wine glasses in his living room or something,'" she said. Denzel Washington is her favorite.

But if he doesn't win, she's got quite a consolation in her own hands.

"I kinda feel like I've got my own Oscar, you know? Ha, ha."

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