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Midlands residents not surprised with the end of Saturday letter service


Shannon Virtue spent part of her morning prepping a stack of cards.

"These are Valentine's day cards because I couldn't do Christmas cards this year," said Virtue.

She still sends her sentiments the old-fashioned way every now and then. But even for her, Saturday letter service is not a big deal.

"It's still nice to get letters and personal mail on Saturdays," said Virtue. "I won't miss the bills and the junk mail though!"

Beginning in August, you won't be getting any letters on Saturdays. It's the latest change to the U.S. Postal Service, which finished nearly $16 billion in the hole in 2012. The announcement comes a week after the service raised the price of first class stamps by a cent.

"I think if you're going to eliminate Saturday mail, then don't raise stamp prices," said Virtue. "I feel like we're losing something and getting nothing."

The Postal Service is in the midst of massive changes. They've been looking at cutting Saturday delivery for a while.

Liza Robinson says go ahead.

"I do everything online, so it doesn't really phase me," said Robinson.

That's what most people had to say after hearing the news. It seems not many get all that much mail on Saturday. But in losing it, are we also losing a piece of Americana? Are we eating away at an American institution: your friendly neighborhood letter carrier?

"I kind of feel that way," said Robinson. "I'm old-fashioned, but online is just so convenient and you can't compete with the convenience."

"Some people like doing it the old-fashioned way by writing checks and everything, but I prefer to do mine over the computer," said Ricky Nelson.

Most people do as the days of sticking stamps on Saturdays fade away.

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