Driving You Crazy: Lake Road on Wateree

(Lugoff) July 27, 2004 - There's smooth sailing along Lake Wateree in Lugoff, but one block in on Lake Road, it's anything but.

The street along the waterfront getaway is lined with a bumpy mess of crumbling pavement that looks like an earthquake hit. Barbara Scruggs says its tearing up her SUV, "I just had to have it aligned, I've had to buy tires, more for this car than any other vehicle I've ever had."
She says workers fixing potholes left the job half done, "They come and hunt for potholes, pour asphalt in them, and drive over them with their truck. Once they're driven on again and again, it splashes out of the hole and back onto the grass."

Chunks of asphalt, some smaller than a dime, others larger than a baseball, are left behind. People like homeowner Jeff McKinney worries a car could kick one up, and it could hurt someone, "The only way to correctly solve this problem is to resurface this road."

It drives Scruggs crazy, "It's really aggravating when you have a nice home and nice property, and a $2 road."

It's easier said than done. The DOT says it doesn't have enough money to resurface any roads like this one across the state. All they can afford to do is keep patching.

By Jennifer Miskewicz
Posted 6:54pm by BrettWitt