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USC class watching Super Bowl for commercials

Commercial airing in Super Bowl Commercial airing in Super Bowl

Every year, USC ad executives in the making make a call: who hits the mark when it comes to the best Super Bowl commercial?

They pick a winner and fly the commercial's creators in to hand them a Cocky award.

This year they've been doing their homework.

"From the ones I've seen, I love this Dorito's goat commercial," said advertising student Kevin Walker.

He's calling an early favorite, not on the game but on what separates the plays. Walker is a burgeoning ad creator, hoping to soon get into the game.

"I would love to do that one day because that's the Super Bowl of advertising is advertising in the Super Bowl so if I could be a part of that one day, that'd be a dream come true," he said.

Each year, he and fellow USC ad students pause, rewind and revisit commercial after commercial.  They pick a winner and fly the creators in to explain the method behind it all.

Last year's winners created Weego, the beer-fetching rescue dog.

"We're gonna' be grading on 3 different categories," said Walker. "It's gonna' be likeness, brand ID and persuasiveness."

"Was it contagious? Did it grab your attention? Was it something that you connected with off the bat?"

Walker said one ad already getting play is also getting heat.

"Basically, it's this Midwestern guy, puts on Jamaican accent walks around pulling Jamaica-isms," he said."It's hilarious, but a lot of people started getting offended because in some ways it was a racial slur they thought."

America can make that call on Sunday.

Walker a call to make too.

"Although the Dorito spots are the ones I've seen and the ones I like, you never know what's gonna come out of left field," he said. 

We 'll let you know who gets the Cocky Award next week.

Advertisers spent an average of $3.4 million per 30 second TV commercial according to Nielsen.

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