Warning period is over, deputies going after gambling machines

Richland County Sheriff's deputies take gaming machine from business
Richland County Sheriff's deputies take gaming machine from business

RICHLAND COUNTY, SC (WIS) - A week after Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott announced a war on gaming machines,  his deputies were on the streets Thursday night to get them off the street.

It was the latest in a series of raids in the county.

"The warning period is over," said Lott on January 24th. "Now is the enforcement part."

In force, deputies made good on the sheriff's promise.

The first stop of the night was Club Climax in Eastover. It also yielded the biggest haul.

"We seized the machines," said Deputy Marcus Kim. "Charged the owner of the business."

Arthur Montgomery was arrested and charged with operating a gambling house.  

The next stop was a traffic stop, where deputies found payout slips and more than $500 in cash.

Deputies also recovered a ledger tallying revenues from video gaming machines.  Those machines are still out there. The suspect wouldn't tell deputies where they were.
More raids bring more empty rooms.

Deputies say the secret is out. Business owners are getting rid of their machines or moving them underground. Earlier Thursday,  10 sweepstakes machines were being moved onto the back of a trailer, but deputies spotted it and seized those machines as well.

Also on Thursday, Lexington County Sheriff's Department detectives and South Carolina Law Enforcement Division agents seized 13 illegal video gambling devices. Click here for the story.

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