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Offer to pave driveway has Midlands couple suspicious

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Partially-completed driveway Partially-completed driveway

On the surface it looks like a Columbia couple will be getting a new driveway. But, after doing some research, they now think they may be getting taken advantage of.

Workers left behind their equipment and an uncompleted job.

"On Monday, a guy came up to the door and told me he was paving the road out front and that he had some asphalt left over and he saw the driveway was cracked and he could patch it up," said Dave Huffman.

Huffman has lived in his home on Skyland Drive for the last 35 years. He admitted, his driveway needs some work.

"I was skeptical but I was taking a chance on getting a good deal," he said.

Huffman said the crew showed up a couple days later at dusk, in the rain, and started patching and paving. Red flags started going off.

"Asked him the name of his company," said Huffman. "He wouldn't tell me. Finally he said, 'ABC.'"

Huffman and his wife looked up that company online and it does not exist in Columbia. They called the company closest to that name they could find.

"The guy came out and told me it was tremendously overpriced and they'd done a terrible job," he said.

A licensed professional surveyed the work and saw asphalt poorly applied over concrete.

"That's a 1/2 inch thick. They just dropped it and paved it."

The workers who showed up unsolicited said they could patch his driveway for $5 per square foot. A licensed professional said just a portion would cost more than $2700.

Huffman hasn't paid anything yet and does not plan on it.

When asked if they ever seemed like a legitimate company, Huffman responded, "Never."

Huffman called the police, who say asphalt improvement complaints are common.

"I think they saw an opportunity," he said. "I think they were just cruising this neighborhood and saw an opportunity with a cracked up driveway to take advantage of something."

The workers will be back on Friday to get their equipment. The Huffmans will be waiting for them, along with the police.

Police say the workers could be fined if they do not have a business license and the homeowners could take legal action against the crew.

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