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Lexington mom seeks answers after special needs son breaks arm at school

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A Lexington County mom wants answers after she says her special needs son broke his arm at school and no one seemed to know what happened.

Melissa Harmon picked up her 3-year old son, Cayden, from school on Tuesday, she noticed something wasn't right. She says Cayden, who has autism and doesn't talk, was crying, so she asked one of his teachers why.

"She says he was upset because we had taken his pencil from him," said Harmon.

Harmon thought it was just a tantrum, but the crying continued when they returned home. She found the reason when she looked underneath his clothes.

"When I pulled his arm out of his sleeve his whole arm area was swollen," said Harmon.

Harmon says she called one of his three teachers for answers.

"She said they hadn't seen him fall or cry or anything. Didn't notice anything was wrong with him," said Harmon.

Harmon took Cayden to the hospital where doctors determined he had broken his arm.

Anxious for answers, Harmon contacted the Lexington County Sheriff's Department to investigate.

Late Wednesday afternoon, Harmon says an deputy talked with the school's principal and learned a security camera captured Cayden falling off the playground while a teacher was checking on another child.

"Where were the rest of the teachers when he fell? One teacher may not have seen him, but where were the others? Why did it take so long to give me an answer?" said Harmon.

We tried to reach Lexington School District 4 and the principal for answers. but no one returned our phone calls.

"He won't return until I can feel confident enough in his safety to send him back to school," said Harmon.

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