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Doby's Mill students enjoy a story from Gamecock Jordan Diggs


Some kids at a Midlands elementary school got a chance to see one of their heroes in person on Wednesday, but the kids weren't the only ones who benefited.

The kids are used to seeing guys like Jordan Diggs on the field or on the big screen, but the kids at the early intervention class at Doby's Mill Elementary got the personal treatment from a Gamecock.

"They really think he's a celebrity," said teacher Shawna Goerlich. "He's a college student who plays ball for one of our state schools, but he's a celebrity to them."

Diggs stopped by to help the kids ring in their 100th day of school with a book. It's old hat for him since he comes from a big family.

"My little sister will come to my room, I could be playing a game or watching TV, and she'll demand that I read to her," said Diggs.

Diggs made the trip after Deborah Hobbs put in a call. Her daughter, Cassidy, was in the class.

"It was just amazing that he would come out and take his time to read to these kids," said Hobbs.

Along with a thrill, the students got some souvenirs.

"It's great because the spotlight gets put on them, which is not always the case," said Goerlich.

"Especially with kids their age looking up to guys like me, coming out here and reading to them hopefully gives them a positive attitude about academics," said Diggs. "I think it inspires them. I was just their age and people came and spoke to me, so seeing them have that reaction just makes me feel good on the inside."

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