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Weekend tradition wins best friends $100K


On weekends best friends Terry Livingston and Fred Mogridge have breakfast and sit around scratching lottery tickets.

"They'll have a scratching pile on the floor between them," said Terry's wife Karen describing the scene she's witnessed for years now.  The two men will be seated across from each other talking and scratching through tickets and dropping the losing ones to the ground.

Thursday, one of the scratch-offs rescued from the discard pile won the Columbia friends $100,000.

The fellows are splitting the cash won from entering the non-winning Muscle Car Money scratch-off in the Lottery's Muscle Car Money Second-Chance Promotion. The ticket was pulled from more than 255,000 entries received to win the grand prize. Five other winners won their choice from four muscle cars.

The South Carolina Education Lottery called Terry with the news, and he couldn't wait to tell Fred. Their friendship goes back 27 years to when they first met working on cars.

Fred took Terry's call, hung up the phone and dialed him right back to make sure he wasn't pulling his leg.

"Winning is an unreal feeling," said Fred seated with Terry and his wife at the Lottery's Columbia Claims Center awaiting the check.

The Livingstons might buy a new car. Fred is going to have some work done on his house.

"What's neater than winning is to have a friend like Terry," said Fred. "You just can't buy a friend like him."

"$100,000 would get me lot of friends," joked Karen.

Terry is thinking ahead to next weekend.

"We're pretty lucky," said Terry. "We're going to keep playing."

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