Soldier has custody of daughter after long court fight - - Columbia, South Carolina

Soldier has custody of daughter after ex-wife gave her up for adoption

Terry and Taleah Achane Terry and Taleah Achane

SALT LAKE CITY, UT (WIS) - After a nearly two-year long battle, a Midlands soldier now has his daughter back.

Terry Achane says he was on active duty at Fort Jackson when his wife put his daughter, Taleah, up for adoption without his knowledge. Achane is divorced from Taleah's mother.

Taleah had been living with a Utah couple ever since.

Achane and the adoptive parents took their battle to court and a judge sided with Achane.  He says he has no hard feelings toward the adoptive parents.

"They raised my daughter right I believe," he said. "I hold nothing negative against them. They love my daughter as much as I do."

Achane says he is now planning to introduce his daughter to her grandmother.

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