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Social media stray star Shaggy adopted


Her story began with a mangy, matted coat -- an easily recognizable character on the streets of Lexington County.

On Friday, the dog called Shaggy, came home to Patty Hall.

"I think being at her rescue and then watching her transformation was just endearing," said Hall, who was one of the army of 40 volunteers that helped to rescue Shaggy.

Hall showed up Sunday to meet Eldad Hagar, a nationally-known rescue specialist from Los Angeles.

Hagar, a former Israeli Army Commander, led the rescue, then set up a webcam in his hotel. Thousands watched from around the world and sent in donations as Shaggy came back to life.

"Seeing the transformation happen so fast was just remarkable," said Hagar.

Hagar has rescued thousands of animals, but found a special connection with Shaggy and her story.

"It's a story of hope, and I think people naturally gravitated toward it," said Hagar. "She became an ambassador for stray animals."

It was an elaborate and expensive rescue, but Hagar hopes it sends a message and inspires more of a community-led push to save strays.  

"If we achieve this, we can save the lives of thousands of stray animals," said Hagar.

Shaggy, meanwhile, is exploring her new home, and Hall plans to keep the social media world updated on their progress as Shaggy's story begins its next chapter.

"In a few months, we'll see a totally different side of the Shaggy saga," said Hall.

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