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Richland Co. elections board working to return to normalcy

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Richland County's Board of Elections met on Friday to discuss several issues in an effort to return to normalcy after a hectic past few months.

The board has been the focus of controversy after former Richland County Elections Commission executive director Lillian McBride resigned from her post in January and was rehired by the board in a new position just days later. 

Attorney Steve Hamm discussed how McBride's new position would be funded and said it would require no additional funds to keep her employed. In fact, Hamm says it actually saves money because it is just another less-funded position that was renamed.

The board also discussed efforts to avoid the Election Day lines and headaches that became more of a story than the results of the election itself.

Attorney Steve Hamm says the county will eventually need more voting machines, but not for elections scheduled this year. He added that the legislature should revisit requirement of 1500 voters max in each precinct.

Hamm also suggested that lawmakers should approve extended poll hours to allow voting from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m.

In the end, the board voted to add cost of 10 new voting machines to current budget.

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