Perspective: A WIS Editorial on Lillian McBride

It took two months for Lillian McBride and those responsible for hiring and firing her to decide that she should resign her position as director of elections in Richland County. Now it seems that she may be back like a bad penny in a new job, and that's one of the most blatant examples of cronyism I've seen in a long time.

Just because legislators feel guilty that they may have put her in a position she was not qualified for and failed at, does not mean they should protect her by giving her another job. At the very least, she should have to reapply for this position and prove that she's qualified to be involved in any way with the future election process in this county.

State Senator Darrell Jackson swears his constituents feel this is fair. Well, I suspect he and others who have taken this action are not really listening to their constituents.

Here are just a few of the comments on our web page about this story:

"More wasteful spending of taxpayer money…these people will never get it." Patrick Crochet

"This is adding insult to injury. She has proven she is incompetent and to even consider hiring her in another position proves the incompetence of all election officials." Charles Johnson​

The investigation clearly revealed a lack of management and communication skills on McBride's part, and after such a botched election, rehiring her is an insult to Richland County voters.

That's my perspective.

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