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Rock thrower's car may have damage on his own car

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There's new information in the search for someone targeting vehicles with rocks in northwest Richland County.

Investigators now believe the suspect's vehicle may have driver's side damage from hitting another vehicle.

From the Mt. Vernon Road overpass, you can see some of the rock on the highway below. The victim in at least one of these attacks is afraid to go out at night.

"It scared all of us," said Lynn, the victim. "We're all terrified, and none of us want to go out at night, because you just don't know."

Lynn and two friends were on Interstate 26 about 12 miles from home just before the Chapin exit when their fun evening took a dangerous turn.

"We had had a girls night out, we'd gone out to dinner for restaurant week, then we went bowling," said Lynn.

It was just after midnight when the 10 pound rock came through their windshield, showering Lynn in glass.

"It was a rock that actually broke in two when it came through the window," said Lynn.

It hit all three ladies.

It came dead center and hit the driver in her upper arm, hit the passenger in her arm, and I was just totally covered in glass," said Lynn.

Lynn hopes the public takes this seriously by keeping an eye out and alerting investigators to suspicious activity.

"Obviously someone is very disturbed and thinks this is funny," said Lynn. "It's not funny. Like I said, had it not come dead center, I could have been killed, the driver could have been.

The Richland County Sheriff's Department is asking everyone to watch for a white truck with damage to the driver's side from side swiping a silver or gray vehicle.

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