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USC students pitch in for a day of community service

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Groups across the country pitched in for a day of service, including some University of South Carolina students in Columbia.

Roula Althubaity is a first timer.

"I'm doing some yard work," Althubaity says, a bit confused because she's never actually done yard work before.

If it sounds foreign to her it's because it is. Back in Saudi Arabia, she says they rely on gardeners. But today, 74-year-old Alice Tollison relied on Roula.

"I've never done this in my entire life," said Althubaity. "If it's for a good reason, I'll do it."

Tollison has a lot of land and today, a lot of help.

Twenty-five USC students spent several hours doing the work Tollison can't.

"If you see all the leaves, you can see I haven't had any help in a long long time," said Tollison.

Freshman McKinlee Randolph and John Kirby were there filing a volunteer requirement for rush week, but when it comes to choosing charities they put this near the top.

"You get to see the end resultm you get to know that somebody cares, that somebody's actually there," said Kirby. "When you're doing a food bank, you don't see who you're helping, who you're effecting. Here, you get to see the effect is real."

"It just makes me feel good," said Tollison. "Makes me feel blessed."

Althubaity felt it too. Her first bit of charity work won't be her last.   

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