Perspective: Wild Teachers

What in the world is going on? The past weeks' headlines could have read "Teachers Gone Wild" with some very questionable behavior on the part of some educators exposed here in the Midlands.

First, a Dreher high school teacher was arrested for inappropriate sexual encounters with two students. The sex may have been consensual, but come on….the woman is married with two young children. What was she thinking?

Then there's the teacher who stomped on the American flag during a lesson on symbolism. This was a particularly controversial demonstration and his lesson was lost on both his students and supervisors alike.

Both of these individuals have been teachers for years, and yet got caught in acts of shameful behavior that have cost them their jobs and jeopardized their futures. We expect better role models for our children and it's shocking to see these examples of poor judgement and morality in our education system.

That's my perspective.