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Who is involved with the Richland County Board of Elections?

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As the Richland County Board of Elections continues to remain in the headlines even three months after the controversial 2012 General Election, WIS viewers continue to want to know about the members of the board themselves.

There are five members of the Board of Elections, the group that helps to oversee the Election Commission: chairman Allen Dowdy, Adell Adams, Elaine Dubose, Herbert Sims, and acting executive director Dr. Jasper Salmond, who took over after Lillian McBride resigned.

The five members of the board are appointed by a majority of the Richland County Legislative Delegation for a term of four years, and they are paid $1,500 annually using money from the State Election Commission. In the case of a vacancy, it must be filled the same manner as the original appointment for the unexpired term.

A majority of senators representing the county and a majority of members of the House of Representatives representing the county appoint the board's chairman. The chairman serves a term of four years and can be reappointed to that office for an unlimited amount of successive terms.

To become a board member, appointees must enroll in the Election Commission's Training and Certification Program, complete seven courses, and become certified through the program within 18 months of being appointed.

Three of the core courses include:

  • Duties of the Voter Registration Board
  • Duties of the Election Commission
  • Budgeting/Reimbursement of Election Expenses

The board's main role is to insure that all duties of county voter registration boards and election commissions are carried out as required by Title 7 of the S.C. Code of Laws.

We are also attempting to find the email addresses of those who serve on the board. At this time, they are not publicly available.

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