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Answers still sought in Sumter murder mystery


Sumter Police say Aaron Abraham stayed to himself, and they believe the person who killed him knew him, befriended him, but ultimately betrayed him.

Aaron's mother, Patricia, is desperate for answers.

"It hurts to know someone did that to my son," said Patricia. "He don't bother anybody. He's a good person.

Last month was difficult for Patricia. Aaron would have turned 19 on Christmas.

"It just wasn't right, him not being there for his birthday because he's the first one to jump up for this birthday and Christmas," said Patricia. "He gets two things."

Security video from July shows the teen leaving the Sumter County Library and heading back home, but he never made it. Sumter Police say someone Aaron trusted harmed him.

"He was not the type of person to go with a stranger," said Alvin Holston with the Sumter Police Department.

Aaron's remains were found a month later across town off Cane Savannah Highway in Wedgefield. In an effort to not jeopardize the investigation, officers say they don't want to reveal how Aaron died.

Since then, they have teamed up with the Sumter County Sheriff's Office and other law enforcement agencies from Manning and Camden to track down leads.

They still need your help. It's closure Patricia says she desperately needs so she can start to heal.

"If you know anything, just come forward so I can be at peace; so my family can be at peace," said Patricia.

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