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Both sides of gun debate say owners ultimately responsible

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Democratic advocate Joanne Hafter believes President Barack Obama's gun control proposal is a step in the right direction. Her daughter Lizzy, was taken from her in 2006, gunned down as she studied at a rest area along the Blue Ridge Parkway.

"I don't want anybody else to have to join the club of being the mother of a murdered child," says Hafter. "It's not a club anybody wants to be a part of."

Hafter wants to see the ban on assault weapons reinstated, and a 10 round limit on the size of ammunition magazines. But she also wants gun owners to be held responsible. The gun used in her daughter's death wasn't reported stolen right away.

"He didn't attempt to report them stolen until four people were murdered," she says. "By that time it was five or six days, 10 days after the theft my daughter was murdered."

Tim Taylor who teaches Conceal Weapon Permit classes agrees owning a gun is a responsibility.

"Responsibility is a big thing," he says. "And that's one of the things in this country that's gone down hill, most people are not responsible."

But he doesn't believe tougher regulations like requiring background checks on all gun sales take steps towards making people more responsible.

"These more controls are going to hurt law abiding citizens," says Taylor. "It's going to make it tougher for them to get permits.

He believes the President's assault weapon ban doesn't truly define what an assault weapon is and could include guns that now hold more than 10 rounds, like a .22. Taylor is also against renewing 10 round magazine limits.

"10 rounds doesn't matter," says Taylor. "You can switch out a 10-round magazine as fast as you can a 30."

Advocates for the President's proposal hope Congress will take action, curbing gun violence scenes like the one at the Sandy Hook Elementary School. Those against the plan point out people who are committing crimes don't care and will still go to whatever means to secure a gun if that's what they want.

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