Buy It & Try It: Press'n'Seal, Power Dissolver

(National) July 19, 2004 - The commercial for Glad's Press 'N Seal promises a solution for one of life's little aggravations, wraps that won't stay in place, "Just pull, place and press for a leak-proof seal. Wow!"

Consumer Reports put the Press 'N Seal to the test. Tester Li Wang put canned peas in a variety of bowls. Some were made of china, others stainless steel. She also used glass, Styrofoam and plastic bowls.

For the liquid test she poured orange juice into a variety of cups and glasses and then wrapped each container with Glad Press 'N Seal, just the way they show in the commercial.

The plastic bowls did fine. So did the Styrofoam. But, Buyer Beware: the other bowls had problems.

Liquid leaked from the stainless steel bowls. The china bowls also leaked. The wrap on the glass bowls didn't hold either. It leaked, and the peas spilled out. As for the orange juice, half the glasses leaked. So much for spill-proof seals.

A commercial for Dawn Power Dissolver promises to clean even the dirtiest pans without a lot of work, "Just spray it on and let the power foam go to work"

Cindy Fisher sprayed Dawn Power Dissolver on pans grimy with baked on grease. After 30 minutes - the maximum time recommended - Dawn Power Dissolver's claim checked out.

The pans came clean without a lot of elbow grease.

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posted 6:00pm by Chris Rees

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