The "Barclay Method" has Barclays of England hopping mad - - Columbia, South Carolina

The "Barclay Method" has Barclays of England hopping mad


It started with a letter from Barclays of England, and the thought that it was a notification of a deceased relative who left Gillian Barclay some money.

Luck would not have that.

Instead it was a cease-and-desist order from the bank's lawyers. Why? Because Gillian Barclay runs her own school and uses her own method of teaching called the "Barclay Method".

Gillian has eight students with special needs ranging from Aspergers to Down syndrome. The art teacher suggested she coin a phrase for her style of teaching.

"The Barclay Method is made up of social, academic, and emotional caring for the children's needs," said Gillian. "It's very much a holistic method."

The bank of England heard about Gillian's method and requested a name change. 

"We just want Barclay's bank to know we're not a threat, we never have been a threat, we never intend to be a threat, and we are so flattered they found us here in Columbia, South Carolina," Gillian said.

Gillian, a British native herself, is ready to do what she can to make the necessary changes, but she's hoping some good will come of this.

That's why she's going to ask the bank if they are willing to pay for a few scholarships for her school in return for her renaming her teaching method.

"Now that we have this relationship established with Barclay's across the pond, possibly they would like to donate to school and sponsor one of our children or donate some dog food for one of the animals," said Gillian. "We'll take anything. We'll even take a photograph from the people who wanted to sue us."

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