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Pine Grove firefighters mourn fallen colleague killed in DUI crash

DeWitt Peake DeWitt Peake

Things are quiet now at Pine Grove Rescue and Fire. Some would even call it more solemn than anything.

The day started off much busier as firefighters rushed a half mile down the road to an intersection.  A man on a motorcycle had been killed.

Pine Grove was called out and so was coroner Johnny Fellers.

"I didn't know who it was till I got there," said Fellers. "They told me who it was. Devastated, just devastated."

It was DeWitt Peake, a fellow Pine Grove firefighter.

The man officers say hit him was charged with DUI.

Peake's friends worked the scene, including the man he'd worked beside on many occasions.

"If he was available, he would've answered that call if it would've been someone else," said Fellers. "It was within minutes of his house. Probably would have been one of the first ones on the scene."

Peake's truck was his baby, according to his fellow firefighters. He was really doing well here as he'd been volunteering for years and years. And just this past Tuesday  he was voted Lieutenant.

That wasn't his only title. Peake was a father of four, a wife, a son, and a deacon at the church across the street from the station he worked at --  the street he lived on, the street he died on.

So what would Peake have done if he was on that call today?

"He would've done the same thing," said Fellers. Probably would've said, 'Let's get it done.'"

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