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Dylan Thompson's "The Bible Outloud" looks to have every Bible entry in spoken word

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South Carolina Gamecocks backup quarterback Dylan Thompson may be well known for helping the team beat the Clemson Tigers and the Michigan Wolverines this year, but he's hoping to use his name to promote something else he's passionate about.

The Bible.

Thompson has helped to open a new website called, "The Bible Outloud". The project seeks to "see the entire Bible memorized, recited, recorded and uploaded to TheBibleOutloud.com and as a result create a virtual encouragement resource to all people so that we realize the power of God's word."

Using his platform as an athlete, Thompson and other Gamecock athletes, such as Bruce Ellington, Marcus Lattimore, and Michael Roth, have already begun to contribute to the website.

Thompson's project also crosses the college football aisle. One of the most recent entries, 1 Corinthians 15:10, is read aloud by Michigan quarterback Devin Gardner.

There's no timetable or deadline set for the project, but the group wishes to have every entry in the Bible read aloud by contributors.

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