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SC hack even affects deceased citizens


Many of you got your letters over the holidays letting you know your personal information may have been leaked after a major statewide hacking.

Some people will never read those letters because they are no longer with us.

Meloney Ramirez and Glynn Pickelsimer lost their spouses in 2007 and 2010, respectively. Both got the letter recently.

"It reminds you your loved one is no longer here," said Pickelsimer.

"Just when you find a balance, you get a letter in the mail saying due to the breach, your ID as well as your deceased spouse's ID is in jeopardy," said Ramirez. "It's hard. It's a constant reminder the person isn't here."

And it's true. According to the Department of Consumer Affairs, even someone who is no longer alive may still be at risk. Julianna Harris says they've gotten hundreds of calls and they do have advice for anyone who got a letter or anyone in general who has lost someone.

"You don't need to opt them in to the credit report monitoring service, but you can notify the credit report agencies that your loved one has passed away, and that will deter companies from issuing credit in that loved ones name," said Harris.

The Department is making public an example of what to include on the letters that need to be sent to each of the three credit reporting agencies. The steps are recommended to people like Ramirez and Pickelsimer, who may wish they had a little less in common.

"It's too much to go through, shouldn't have to go through all of that," said Ramirez. "We really shouldn't. South Carolina needs to fix this, not today but yesterday."

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