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Lillian McBride could be appointed to newly created $74k position

Attorney Steve Hamm Attorney Steve Hamm

Lillian McBride, the executive director of the Richland County Elections Commission who will resign from her position Friday after she claimed responsibility for long lines, malfunctioning voting booths, and general voting headaches, could be back at the commission in a newly created role.

The Richland County Board of Elections voted Wednesday night to recommend to the incoming interim executive director, Dr. Jasper Salmond, to hire McBride as deputy director of voter registration at a salary of $74,000. She is making more than $89,000 in her current role.

The recommendation came at the end of the board's nearly 4-hour meeting where they discussed attorney Steve Hamm's report.

Hamm's report indicated that the single greatest problem from Election Day was a lack of a proper number of voting machines at precincts across Richland County.

"What I find especially difficult to process is, it is not as if no one was bringing the issue of the number of voting machines to their attention. That happened over and over again," said Hamm.

However, the report also said 25 out of 124 total precincts concluded voting at 7 p.m. Hamm says all other precincts had votes cast after the cutoff time.

Hamm also said that creating new precincts might not be the most cost-effective way to help with long lines, adding that $4,290 would be the minimum cost for setting up new precinct.

Hamm blamed lack of management and communication. He says staff members need more training, and there needs to be checks and balances to make sure nothing slips through the cracks.

"It's worthless to talk about how wonderful and prized voting is if number one we don't take steps to encourage it and we also don't take steps to -- well, if I'm going to stand in line for several hours, somebody better convince me that my vote is going to count. That's reasonable. It is a standard the board must apply to itself," said Hamm.

The attorney also laid out several new ideas and policy standards with the report. He says the board should adopt a new goals and standards they would like to meet for every election.

Hamm says the board should have had better oversight. His oversight recommendation includes adding the new deputy director position.

Hamm intends to finalize his report in a few weeks.

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