Perspective: A WIS Editorial on the New Year

As we ring in the new year, we naturally wonder just what's in store for us in 2013.  The biggest headline for the past few weeks has been the fiscal cliff negotiations, and although Congress successfully  rappelled over that cliff, there is still much work to be done sorting out the details.  But nobody will be busier than our SC lawmakers as they clean up last year's messes including ethics and election law reform and securing sensitive taxpayer information.

With the start of the SC legislative session next week, Senate Judiciary Chairman Larry Martin says his committee will immediately take action to insure that we don't ever experience another election mess like last year's when over 200 candidates were eliminated from primary ballots statewide due to paperwork glitches.

House and Senate panels working alongside Governor Haley specially-appointed group will be working on recommendations to reform the state's ethics laws, and lawmakers will debate just how much to spend on beefing up computer security  after the Dept. of Revenue hacking scandal that shook up millions of South Carolinians .

I suggest that our collective resolution for the new year be to make sure we don't  repeat 2012's crises.  Let's learn from past mistakes and move our state forward.  That's my perspective.