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The Hangover: City picks up after Famously Hot New Year

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At 10:30 a.m. Tuesday, it still looked like the intersection of Main and Gervais Streets had a hangover from last night. 

Korbel boxes with left over Champagne flutes and bottles littered the sidewalk in front of the State House. Even a beer bottle on the lawn was evidence of the crowd that got its groove on to DJ Biz Markie and Atlantic Starr.

"I was right on that sewer cap, right there, standing right there so it was a wonderful night, I'm glad they did it," said Beth DeSantis, one of the party-goers.

Water bottles, debris, coffee cups, and plastic left behind were a somewhat of a gauge of the crowd and the event's success. Crews made a dent in the dirt early.

"Wonderful solid waste and traffic department came in last night and did a wonderful job of getting our streets ready, and of course, they'll be back out today making sure that everything is back to normal again on Main Street," said event chairman Sam Johnson.

But they didn't get everything.

"It doesn't look like there was any damage," said Kevin Dougherty from Charleston. "It just looks like there's some confetti and stuff like that and that's to be expected and everybody had a good time."

That's not bad considering the estimated crowd from 24 states.

"Right now anywhere between 24,000 and 26,000 this year. We were able to have a much better ticketing system, so it helps out a little bit," said Johnson.

Those who've been to the bigger parties say what's left on Gervais didn't compare.

"I'm from New York City, so this is nothing compared to what New York City looks like after their celebration," said DeSantis.

Organizers are hoping next year's aftermath might be even worse -- signs of an even bigger party.

"It's January 1st, so we're starting to plan today," said Johnson. "Today marks the start of planning for the next year."

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