One More Christmas: terminally ill boy gets another holiday with family

Richard Culliver suffers from terminal brain stem cancer
Richard Culliver suffers from terminal brain stem cancer

LEXINGTON COUNTY, SC (WIS) - The hope was that  7-year-old Richard Culliver would get another Christmas with his family. Culliver suffers from inoperable cancer.

Culliver was able to celebrate another Christmas, but it was spent in the hospital as he had the shunt in his head repaired.

Culliver is home now.

WIS was supposed to interview his family Monday, but his mother said it was not a good day.

Culliver still has his sweet spirit but isn't able to walk much or move his arms.  But he is able to spend some quality time with his new puppy.

As Culliver naps, his mother says the puppy has been glued to his side.

WIS is planning to meet with Culliver next week.

Culliver's mother is keeping a detailed account on a Facebook page.  Click here for the link .

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