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Revisiting cold case murder involving mother and daughter

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Murder victim Malaysia Boykin Murder victim Malaysia Boykin
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This will be the second Christmas the Alston family endures without their outgoing jokester Candra Alston and her 3-year old daughter, Malaysia Boykin.

They were murdered at the Brook Pines Apartments in January, 2011, but they were not the only victims tied to the brutal killing.

"You don't know what I'm going through," said Alston's grandmother. 

Most of us will never know what the Alston family has experienced in the past two years.

"She was always my little girl," said Alston's stepfather Ray Lyerly. "Yeah, I spoiled her in certain ways. We wanted to give her the best life possible."

Police think the person who took that life away knew Candra and her daughter because there were no signs of forced entry at her Brook Pines apartment.
"It was one of the most gruesome crime scenes I've witnessed," said Columbia Police Sgt. Kevin Reese.

Reese said they've interviewed more than 150 people but have yet to find that one piece of information to turn the corner.

What they know is that the killer took several things from the home including a Gucci handbag, a trash can, and several dresses young Malaysia had just received for Christmas. They think the killer may have given the dresses away.

If this sounds familiar, investigators want to hear from you.

"That could be the one piece of information we need to resolve this case and give this family some resolution," said Reese.
It's already cost them more than they can stand. After the killings, Candra's mother and Lyerly's wife died from an aneurysm.

"Every day she would worry," said Lyerly. "Every day she would try to figure out what happened. Whoever did this didn't take two lives that day. They took three."

The murders happened around January 6th 2011. If the child's dresses, that Gucci handbag or any other detail of the case sounds familiar call Crimestoppers at 1 888 Crime S-C.


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