WIS Perspective: Fiscal cliff

We are mere weeks away from the expiration of Bush-era tax cuts, or the fiscal cliff, and our congressional leaders are still bickering. Call me a skeptic, but I think it's all a bunch of posturing. The same folks that drafted the expiring cuts are now trying to unravel them, and trust me, they understand the ramifications.

What irks me is that they are scaring the tar out of everyone in the process. Most of us can handle good news and bad news, but we don't handle uncertainly well at all. Watching Washington bickering and posturing in a partisan standoff with each side apparently willing to defend their position to the bitter end doesn't sit well.. Meanwhile, the world is watching, our citizens are losing sleep , the economy is stalled, stock markets are tenuous and leadership seems nowhere to be found.

This is a historical moment for our leaders that will not only determine the future of taxes and entitlements like Medicare and social security, but it's an opportunity to finally set a course towards reducing, in significant way, our country's $16+ trillion national debt. It's time to "right the ship." That's my perspective.