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Winthrop coach speaks out about school shootings


Winthrop Head Basketball Coach Pat Kelsey had more than the game on his mind following Winthrop's 65-55 loss to seventh ranked Ohio State Buckeyes Tuesday night.

Sports fans here and across the nation applauded Kelsey's post-game comments on what needs to happen following last week's deadly school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut.

Kelsey said he was going home to two pink rooms with two children in them that he couldn't wait to give a hug and kiss.

But for 20 families in Connecticut there is nobody laying in those beds anymore, Kelsey said.

"Is it a society that has lost the facts, the understanding that decent human values are important?" Kelsey pondered out loud. "I didn't vote for President Obama but he's my leader and I need him to step up."

Kelsey said he wasn't smart enough to know what to do about gun control in the United States but we all need to figure out how to stop the violence.

"I know this microphone is powerful right now," he said, saying something has got to change. "I'm going to be an agent of change for the 13 young men I get to coach everyday and the two children I get to raise."

"I just felt a calling to say something, and I knew I may never have that platform again. I'm just a normal guy that thinks things have to change. That's scared about what our society's been or what it's becoming," Kelsey told WBTV's Steve Crump about his post-game remarks.

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