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WIS Investigation: Assistant solicitor resigns after 5 a.m. confrontation on strangers' front porch

Former Assistant Fifth Circuit Solicitor Ron Moak Former Assistant Fifth Circuit Solicitor Ron Moak

KERSHAW COUNTY, SC (WIS) - An assistant solicitor has resigned after a WIS investigation into his conduct uncovered multiple incidents Moak's boss, Fifth Circuit Solicitor Dan Johnson, calls "inappropriate and unacceptable."

Former Kershaw County Assistant Solicitor Ron Moak resigned on December 10 after 12 years as the head prosecutor based in Kershaw County.

Troubles for Moak started after a Richland County family says he showed up on their front porch Thanksgiving weekend trying to pick a fight with the homeowner.

Sam and Angie Blizzard say they got a 5:00 a.m. wake up call from Moak and two other females on November 25.

Neither was in trouble and say they knew quickly Ron Moak wasn't making a business call that morning.

"He was saying hit me you [expletive removed], hit me, please hit me," said Sam. Reporter: "What did you say to that?" "At that point, I balled my, I had my fists at my side and I balled up my fists and I was to the point I done started shaking and I came about four inches from hitting him, but something clicked in my head after he said he was the solicitor. 'Don't do that, get the phone,'" said Sam.

"I wasn't concerned at all about him being a solicitor," said Angie. "My concern was there's this big man on my porch begging my husband to hit him and not leaving when we've asked him to leave. You just don't do that."

The Blizzard's say Moak and the others showed up asking about someone's phone that went missing at a party. The Blizzards say they had never seen Moak before that morning.

Things escalated after that.

Reporter: "What was the reason for that 911 call?" "To get him off my property because he was trespassing," said Sam. Reporter: "Nothing to do with a cell phone?" "No, that's the reason they came over was to ask our daughter about a cell phone that came missing at the party," said Angie. "But we called the police officers out here and dialed 911 because of him refusing to leave our property."

The 911 call backs up the Blizzard's story. The Richland County Sheriff's Department confirms deputies did respond to the Blizzard's home, but say they did not file an incident report. An email from Richland County Sheriff's Captain Chris Cowan says they didn't take a report because the call was over a civil disturbance. The Blizzards say that's not true.

"We said it in the 911 call," said Sam. "We said it to the police officers. It was the first words I spoke, 'You are trespassing, leave.'"

Reporter: "Did you expect an incident report to be taken?" "Yes," said Angie. "I specifically asked if a report was going to be taken so that if anything else were to happen, we would have it on record and I was told, yes there would be." Reporter: "If I told you there was no report taken, and that's word from Richland County Sheriff's Department." "I'm amazed," said Angie. "I'm very upset now because I don't feel safe. What else could happen?"

Moak's former boss has opened an investigation into the allegations.

"I don't know all the facts about this party," said Johnson. "I was told these things, we started looking into it. We did a preliminary investigation. As a result, Mr. Moak has resigned. I think he's used some poor judgment."

Johnson said Moak's conduct was "as wrong as two left shoes."

Richland County deputies say they didn't record any of the events from the morning Moak showed up on the Blizzard's porch. Johnson says not having an incident report makes an investigation tough.

Now, more than two weeks later, the Blizzards want to know what investigators are doing about this.

Reporter: "Why at this point do you believe nothing has happened?" "It can only be one reason. And that's because a solicitor is involved," said Angie.

We have asked Ron Moak to explain what happened, but he has not returned our calls as of this report.

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