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Parents, schools react to deadly school shooting in CT

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Some parents were just hearing about the deadly school shooting in Connecticut as they pulled up to pick up their children from school Friday afternoon.

They said an incident like this is tough. And while it was hundreds of miles away, it hit close to home, because they know it can happen anywhere.

"The children who are okay will never be able to lose the memory of this," said A.C. Moore Elementary School counselor Elizabeth Balthazor. "Here in our schools, and I'm sure in Connecticut also, our focus is to keep the boys and girls safe."

Many educators here in the Midlands are saddened by today's events. They tell us, tears were shed at A.C. Moore Elementary School.

"I think on an elementary level, later, if there are children who learn about it and if a parent asks me to talk to the children then I would," said Balthazor. "But I don't think I would go into a classroom.  But just in general, we talk about rules for their safety and that we're here to love them and keep them safe."

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