One More Christmas Part 4: Terminally ill boy leaves for Disney World

Richard Culliver suffers from terminal brain stem cancer
Richard Culliver suffers from terminal brain stem cancer

LEXINGTON COUNTY, SC (WIS) - Destination, Disney.

The trip is a gift because of the journey 7-year-old Richard Culliver and his family have been on.

"We are so fortunate because its been a hard time of not working and not knowing to see," said Culliver's mother, Stephanie McMillan. "To see people who care about us, its just very heart warming."

Because Richard's brain stem tumor is inoperable and time is precious, Make-a-Wish Foundation is sending Stephanie, her oldest son Devin, and twins Reagan and Richard on a week long adventure to Disney World.

And the gifts keep on coming. As Richard and his family got ready to board the plane,  a stranger started pulling money out of his pocket saying he'd seen Richard's story on TV.

"Just a stranger, a stranger who wanted you to be able to get a snack," said his mother.

No doubt he will be working up an appetite. His sister has big plans for the Sea World leg of the trip.

"The dolphins, to pet them and swim with them," said Reagan.

The resemblance of Reagan and Richard was easier to see a few months ago.  The medications have added 30 pounds to Richard's frame.

Reagan said it's been tough watching her partner in life fight for his.

"Sometimes I'll come hug him and ask him if he's okay or something like that," she said.

"Its just pretty bad seeing your little brother very sick and not being able to play with him anymore," said big brother Devin.

But Richard had a strong week, and with a little help, he gets around okay.  This week he will play on one of the world's biggest playgrounds. And this week, sadness will be relative.

"I'm gonna' feel sad cause I don't want to leave," said Reagan.

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