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Group wages war against DUI through business toolkits

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For the past year, Jon Humphrey's life has been spent fighting DUI -- a huge problem in Lexington County that Humphrey knows too well.

"There is no word to describe or state the loss of a child," said Humphrey. "We are buried by our children, we don't bury our children. There is no word to describe that, and that is what that man took away from  us."

Humphrey's 17-year-old son, Jonathon, was killed on Dec. 27, 2011 by a driver who'd been over-served. Jonathon would be the last South Carolinian killed by DUI that year.

"Every day we pick up the paper and there's someone else killed," said Humphrey. "We have to stop it."

So Humphrey joined CAST or Community Action for a Safer Tomorrow. Thursday, they unveiled their Responsibility Toolkits. They're filled with stickers, signage, and handbooks for bar and restaurant owners.

Rick "Chief" Ward works at Fatz Cafe in Lexington, and he says cutting people off is a delicate business especially during the holidays.

"There's no good time of year, but this time of year is supposed to be filled with joy and happiness and family, and when you lose a life all of that goes away," said Ward.

Along with the kits, CAST will be fighting to toughen South Carolina's DUI laws. Humphrey's son was killed by a driver who had 7 prior DUI convictions.

"I'm going to fight DUI until I die and I get to see Jonathon again," said Humphrey.

The kits will be deployed soon. Meanwhile, Lexington County Sheriff James Metts promised an increased presence during the next few weeks, and of course a zero tolerance policy for drunk driving.

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