Perspective: A WIS Editorial on Jim DeMint's resignation

Jim DeMint's announcement last week to step down early from his Senate seat took everyone by surprise. His resignation to join a powerful Washington think tank speaks volumes about his resolve to be in a position to influence a conservative political agenda. He obviously feels he can get more done through this political policy center than as a US Senator.

Governor Haley must now appoint someone to fill the term until a special election can be held in 2014. She has narrowed it down to 5 potential candidates, including DeMint's own personal endorsement, Tim Scott. Of the five named on her short list, Haley's best choice for maintaining a politically conservative voice for South Carolina in the US Senate is Tim Scott.

This is a highly strategic decision for Haley and she made the right call not to name a placeholder. This appointment will have a big impact on South Carolina politics for years to come. That's my perspective.