Perspective: Voting Mess

Nearly a month afterRichland County’s botched election, we are still in the dark as to exactly howthis mess happened, who’s responsible, and what measures will be taken to makesure it never happens again.In spite of investigations by County legislatorsand the SC election commission, we still have no closure. WIS has spoken topoll workers who claim election officials knew weeks before the election thatthere would be a shortage of voting machines, and yet Director McBride says thewhole snafu was due to one of her employees misinterpreting directions abouthow to allocate those machines. We need accountability in this matter. It’s notabout laying blame, it’s about someone taking responsibility for this screw upand formulating a plan to prevent such a debacle in future elections. What’s atstake is the public confidence and assurance that their voting privileges arerespected and insured. It’s unfathomable that people had to walk away from theirright to vote due to long lines caused by insufficient and broken machines.There is no room for cronyism and political maneuvering in this matter. We needanswers and resolutions…pure and simple.  That’s my perspective.